Why do Name Servers take time to propagate?


There are many reasons why you might change name servers for your website. Generally speaking it is because you are changing from one web host to another, upgrading from a shared web hosting plan or to a VPS web hosting plan. Changing your DNS Nameservers is fairly easy and can be done through the … [Read more...]

Eleven ways to reduce your Web Page Load Speed


Why your kissing business away if you're overlooking Web Page Load Speed. Three years ago as bandwidth adoption grew web designers thought they didn't need to optimise websites for speed as new super fast ADSL connections took the problem of download speed away.....then along came iPhones and a … [Read more...]

IMAP vs. POP: Which is best for your situation?


IMAP vs. POP 3 When you first set up your website using cPanel you will probably want a unique email address that is more professional than a standard Gmail or Hotmail address. The good thing about setting up an email address is you basically set it up once and never need to worry about it again … [Read more...]

How to Park a Domain Name


Parking your domain name: Firstly you will need to access your cPanel backend. In the cPanel you will see the heading Domain section. Simply click on the Parked Domain icon. Click on Create a New Parked Domain. You will now need to provide the details of the domain to be parked. Enter the … [Read more...]

Moving a WordPress website


Importing/ Exporting a WordPress website Although initially designed for personal bloggers to manage their posts and photos, WordPress has become such a popular content management system that developers are using it more and more to build professional business websites. So we find ourselves often … [Read more...]

Understanding Web Fonts


Using different Web Fonts for your next Web Design? Fonts have enjoyed a resurgence in interest in the last few years. We used to really only be able to choose from a few fonts that were standard on users’ machines, but with speedier connections, using web fonts has opened up to allow a vast … [Read more...]

Using RV Site Builder


If you are after a simple, easy to update website for your small business then using RV Sitebuilder might be the perfect solution for you. Not only is it easy to use but comes free with any of our cPanel Web Hosting packages! Simply click on the Slideshare Slideshow below to be taken to the full … [Read more...]

Uploading files using FTP with FileZilla


Ever had to upload a large number of files to your web server?  CPanel has a nice easy interface to do this but when you have more than a few it becomes quite tedious loading each one individually.  FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is designed specifically to allow files to be sent over the … [Read more...]

Setting up an Email Address


How do I create an email address? Login to your cPanel as per usual. Find the mail section (directly to the right) and click on "Email Accounts". Simply enter the name you would like to use as an email address. If you have many different domains you may select the correct domain with the … [Read more...]

Changing Name Servers


A DNS (Domain Name Server) is a set of instructions that tells the internet world that a specific IP address is to be used for a domain name. Each domain has to have a DNS record for the computer controlling the IP address on which a domain is hosted- this is a name server. At Rack Servers our … [Read more...]