Eleven ways to reduce your Web Page Load Speed


Why your kissing business away if you're overlooking Web Page Load Speed. Three years ago as bandwidth adoption grew web designers thought they didn't need to optimise websites for speed as new super fast ADSL connections took the problem of download speed away.....then along came iPhones and a … [Read more...]

HTML5 Explained


What is HTML5? HTML is the code used to program what you see on the screen when you view a website in a browser. HTML5 is the latest incarnation of this language, which has been in it’s previous form since 1997. With such an increase in the use of video, audio, graphics and animations in … [Read more...]

Error 404


What does that error page 404 actually mean? Ever seen this? Not Found The requested URL /file was not found on this server. A 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. We’re happily browsing away and all of a sudden we get this plain, ugly … [Read more...]

What is Javascipt?

html source codes

JavaScript enables interactive elements in websites. HTML only gives you the display but JavaScript allows you to run programs behind the display to actually do complex tasks. It could be basic stuff like send emails, display pop-up menus, change things on the screen depending on what the user … [Read more...]

Error 500


Internal Server Error: Error 500 You might get this one after you try and do something meaningful on a webpage – like confirm a purchase, or submit information on a form. It basically means that the website tried to run a script on the server but something went wrong. And that the website … [Read more...]