Choosing a Domain Name

When choosing a domain name there are three main points to consider:

1. Competition for a domain name

You want people to associate your website with the service you provide, so it’s important to consider what people will be looking for when they search for what’s available, for example:

  • Brisbane Shoes
  • Affordable web hosting
  • Plumbers in Springwood

There can only be one, and that’s probably already in use.

So what are some alternative domain names to consider in terms of our competition?

  • if the .com version is taken, then it makes good sense for that company to also have the .net version, and also the country-specific versions of countries they operate in [ for example] Some
    expanding international web business have encountered difficulties when they find that the country-specific name has already been taken by a company with the same name, or a competitor in the same industry – like the Groupon issue in Australia.
  • this contains the right keywords for search engines, is meaningful and descriptive.
  • is not a bad choice of domain name as this contains the right keywords for search engines, and is relatively meaningful and descriptive.
  • is an acronym domain name that is being used more and more these days due to top level domains being taken already. However, people – and search engines – aren’t going to remember this. It’s abstract and doesn’t contain any real words. If you’re discussing your new business to someone in a meeting are they going to remember the shoe trader from Brisbane called the company?

2. Make it easy for people to find your domain name

You need people to be able to find you easily. It’s also good practice to cover your bases by registering names that people might type as well. Your business name is usually the best option, plus the type of service you provide, for

  • Register, & .net
  • Register
  • Register

You can use up to 67 characters for your domain name, realistically people won’t remember long web names. But you can set all the other domains to redirect to your main site so your prospective clients will have multiple chances of getting to your site.

3. Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines like relevant keywords in your domain name. This is not quite as important as it was 5 years ago but it certainly adds benefit to your rankings. could be your company name but doesn’t tell search engines anything about the content of the page. However would be better as the keywords are reinforced throughout the site. This benefits your company in 2 ways, firstly, customers know exactly what you’re selling and secondly the Search Engines know what your website is about.

In short, here are some tips to consider when Choosing a domain name:

  • Register domain names as soon as possible
  • Register similar domain names and redirect them to your main site.
  • Register at the very minimum .net, .com & This will prevent squatters and competitors intercepting traffic meant for you
  • Avoid punctuation, it’s harder to remember and makes the name cumbersome

Ensure you protect your companies intellectual property today by registering your domain name and its various permutations.