Changing Name Servers

A DNS (Domain Name Server) is a set of instructions that tells the internet world that a specific IP address is to be used for a domain name.

Each domain has to have a DNS record for the computer controlling the IP address on which a domain is hosted- this is a name server.

At Rack Servers our DNS records are located on our name servers:


This just dictates that when someone goes to your domain they are sent to the correct website.

If you have set up a new web hosting account with Rack Servers you won’t need to do anything. However if you have migrated from another web host to Rack Servers you will need to change the Name Servers.

In order to do this simply:

  1. Client Area
  2. My Domains —- click on your domain name
  3. Go down the page to Register Lock. If the box is ticked them untick the box and press save.
  4. After the Register Lock has been unticked change the Name Servers to as per the screen shot.
  5. Then press Save
  6. After Saving I always recommend reticking the Register Lock which is an additional layer of security for your domain name.



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