Setting up an Email Address

How do I create an email address?

  • Login to your cPanel as per usual.
  • Find the mail section (directly to the right) and click on “Email Accounts”.
  • Simply enter the name you would like to use as an email address.
  • If you have many different domains you may select the correct domain with the drop down box at the top right.
  • You may enter your own password but I would always recommend using the password generator as this creates a random difficult to crack password. This is vital as you would hate your emails to fall into the wrong hands.
    • In order to use the password generator, simply click “Generate Password” and tick the box to indicate you have copied the password and click “Use Password”. The password should be so complex you probably couldn’t write it down accurately enough so ensure that you leave your password somewhere safe on your computer. Maybe in a password protected Excel document?

Lastly, to set up your email address ensure that everything is correct and click “Create Account”.

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