Uploading files using FTP with FileZilla

Ever had to upload a large number of files to your web server?  CPanel has a nice easy interface to do this but when you have more than a few it becomes quite tedious loading each one individually.  FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is designed specifically to allow files to be sent over the internet.  One of the most popular programs to make this easy is FileZilla.  It’s free and easily downloaded and installed.

Uploading files using FTP with FileZilla

  1. Download FileZilla

filezilla-project.org/ is the place to go.  Right on the front page is a big button that says, Download FileZilla Client – click this and select the right download for your operating system.   Then run the installer program once it’s downloaded.  Simply follow the instructions and the installer will put FileZilla in the right place.

  1. Enter your host, username and password

Your web host will have sent you a list of all the right terms to use for different protocols.  It’s likely to look something like this:

  • Web: http://www.rackservers.com/
  • FTP: ftp.rackservers.com
  • POP3: mail.rackservers.com
  • Site Admin: http://www.rackservers.com/cpanel/
  • Login User Name: rackoo00
  • Login Password: xxxxxxxxx
And then you get this:

The left pane shows you your computer directory – the right pane shows you the directory of your web server.  To transfer files, you simply drag and drop files from the left pane into the right pane.   Let’s say you want to transfer some images for your web gallery.  Just find the images in the left pane, then find the folder in the web server that stores your web gallery images.  You can even make new folders or move folders around, just like in your own computer.

When you’re finished, simply close FileZilla and you’re done!

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