IMAP vs. POP: Which is best for your situation?


IMAP vs. POP 3 When you first set up your website using cPanel you will probably want a unique email address that is more professional than a standard Gmail or Hotmail address. The good thing about setting up an email address is you basically set it up once and never need to worry about it again … [Read more...]

cPanel Web Hosting


Why we choose to use cPanel Web Hosting If you are looking for an easy to use program that manages your website, emails, traffic information, FTP uploading and has a huge forum for troubleshooting issues then cPanel is the #1 choice for your web hosting management tool. Manage all the backend needs … [Read more...]

What is Domain Parking?


Domain parking is when a company registers a domain name that has no actual website on the domain name but the company sees value in owning the domain. This maybe done to reserve the domain name for future business development, protection against domain squatting, internationalization of domain … [Read more...]

How to Park a Domain Name


Parking your domain name: Firstly you will need to access your cPanel backend. In the cPanel you will see the heading Domain section. Simply click on the Parked Domain icon. Click on Create a New Parked Domain. You will now need to provide the details of the domain to be parked. Enter the … [Read more...]

Using RV Site Builder


If you are after a simple, easy to update website for your small business then using RV Sitebuilder might be the perfect solution for you. Not only is it easy to use but comes free with any of our cPanel Web Hosting packages! Simply click on the Slideshare Slideshow below to be taken to the full … [Read more...]

CPanel or Plesk?


Which is best CPanel or Plesk? When it comes to control panels, the two biggest names are CPanel and Plesk. They have both been around for long enough to become used widely – but what’s the difference between the two? CPanel One of the oldest control panel systems around, CPanel had … [Read more...]

Setting up an Email Address


How do I create an email address? Login to your cPanel as per usual. Find the mail section (directly to the right) and click on "Email Accounts". Simply enter the name you would like to use as an email address. If you have many different domains you may select the correct domain with the … [Read more...]