Error 500

Internal Server Error: Error 500

You might get this one after you try and do something meaningful on a webpage – like confirm a purchase, or submit information on a form. It basically means that the website tried to run a script on the server but something went wrong. And that the website doesn’t really know what went wrong.

If you encounter an Error 500 on someone else’s website then:

  • Check the information you entered was correct.

    • Did you put in the wrong date format? Did you put your age in as zero, or a negative number by mistake? Some scripts don’t have error-catching functions to pick up these types of mistakes.
  • Come back after a few moments and try again
    • Sometimes it could just be an issue at the server’s end, what I like to call a ‘quantum glitch’ that will work if you try again soon.
  • Contact the administrator of the site
    • If the website has an error in the script running the function you want, the administrator of the site may not even be aware of it. They’ll probably fix it if they aren’t awre of it, or offer you an alternative method if they are aware of it

If other people are getting this error on your website, then check your error log in CPanel to diagnose the issue. Also:

  • check your scripts for code errors or invalid characters
  • check your .htaccess files (your error log will tell you what line any problems are on)
  • check your files’ permissions
    • A common cause of these errors – the permissions allow you to control who has access to these files. Check for 666, 777 or any write permissions set to ‘world’ or ‘group’.

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