Which Web Hosting Plan?

Here at Rack Servers we have a whole variety of Web Hosting Plans & Packages. They are all based on the size of your business and the amount of traffic your website will receive.

Your local dentist will not have the same web hosting requirements as the Courier Mail. Luckily your dentist doesn’t have to pay the same web hosting fees as a large business.

Web Hosting Plan #1: Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the most economical way to get online and perfect for most small businesses, especially if you are getting online for the first time. As the name suggests your website uses the same server as other websites so it can share resources.

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Web Hosting Plan #2: VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is the preferred option of advanced users and larger businesses. Your website is placed on a shared server, but with far less websites per server. There are also other more advanced features available for VPS Hosting such as additional security and ultrafast connections.

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Web Hosting Plan #3: Dedicated server

As the name suggests dedicated servers give your website (or group of websites) their own server without sharing space with other websites. If your website has large amounts of visitors then a Dedicated Server is the best option.

Web Hosting Plan #3: Java Hosting

These days with Web 2.0 becoming more widespread people are demanding that programs and websites work on all their gadgets. In the old days a program may have been designed for a PC but wouldn’t work on a MAC. Java has been able to overcome those issues so applications, programs and websites can all work together.
Using Java Hosting means that it’s easier to create web apps and other advanced tools.

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Web Hosting Plan #4: Reseller Hosting

This plan is more for web designers and web masters so they can keep multiple websityes under the one control panel.