Why Choose an Australian Web Host?

If you run an Australian based company and the majority of your clients are from Australia there are some very good reasons to choose an Australian Web Hosting company.

  • Speed – Even though broadband has made huge progress these last few years, hosting overseas means that extra 3,000 kilometres of cable adds at least an additional 1/2 a second on your download time. One of the largest web design blogs in the world, Noupe, takes a full 2 seconds to fully view their page in its entirety.

And if one of the largest web design companies can’t compete on speed how on Earth are you going to?

  • SEO Factor – Hosting your website overseas means that you will probably have a shared IP address in the US. This often means that Google will bundle you together as a US based business. This is especially the case if you have a www.yourdomain.com address.

If you want targeted searches from Australians you really need an IP address from Australia.

  • Support – Being in the same time zone as your webhost means that when most issues arise, they arise during business hours and can be sorted out before close of business Australian time. If your website goes down at 2pm and its midnight where your webhost is, don’t expect a response until 9pm.
  • Fluctuating Currency – Buying from an Australian Web Host means that your monthly bill is set in stone and does not fluctuate with the irregularities of the short term money market. The Aussie Dollar might be at parity at the moment but 2 years ago it was 60 cents in the dollar.

Can your web budget handle a blow out like that?

  • Consumer Protection – Owning a website that is hosted in Australia means that you are protected by Australia’s consumer laws. If you feel like you’ve been hard done by there are remedies that can be taken so you can be compensated for loss of income.
  • Supporting Australian Jobs – Chances are if you’re on this website, you’re a small Australian Business wanting to promote yourself to a national and an international audience. Supporting Australian Businesses helps support your own business.

Can your business afford to not be with an Australian Web Host?

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