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What is a Data Centre?

The advent of cloud-based computing services has brought the topic of data centres to the forefront of discussions around web hosting and information security. Many people don’t realise the scope of the infrastructure required to host the hundreds of millions websites that comprise ‘the internet’. Every website out there needs some memory space to store the code, images, & databases that comprise each individual website – almost all of this information is stored in a data centre.

The whole idea of the internet from the beginning was to decentralise information – developed by the US Army to prevent their information being destroyed if an enemy discovered the location of their physical memory. But in today’s web-hosting-network-server-rackscorporate internet world, the requirements of hosting data does mean that large, central institutions for housing hardware are economically beneficial. The basic layout of a data centre is rows of racks, each housing servers (the memory), which are then networked together to allow large numbers of users access to the data (people viewing websites). This is where Rack Servers gets its name from!

We’re talking hundreds or thousands of servers, all in the same centre. You can imagine the logistic issues – even the heat generated by large numbers of machines in the same room needs to be managed. And what happens if there’s a blackout, or a natural disaster? Data centres need to be carefully designed, maintained and located to ensure continuity of service.

What each Data Centre needs:

  • State-of-the-art climate control
    • Regulating the temperature and humidity of the environment
  • Location, location, location
    • Large data centres are often located in cool climates
    • Often in cellars or bunkers underground
  • Environment-proofing
    • Structures able to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters
  • Backup systems
    • Generator systems
    • Data backup and duplication systems

Now that businesses are taking up cloud technology to virtualise their technology environment, data centre’s rarely reveal the physical location of their data centre (understandably), and companies are also questioning the ability of governments to intercept and censor information stored in private data centres.

Effective Web Host operators need to be able to conform to the certain guidelines:

  • Operate and manage a carrier’s telecommunication network
  • Provide data centre based applications directly to the carrier’s customers
  • Provide hosted applications for a third party to provide services to their customers
  • Provide a combination of these and similar data centre applications

This means that operators need to be able to manage not only the storage of information (memory), but also the access (bandwidth) to that information. And with cloud computing becoming so much more popular, this reliability affects the ability for business to carry out their daily technology requirements – in fact, their whole business probably depends on it.

That’s why you don’t want to trust your web hosting to just anyone.

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