What is Domain Parking?

Domain parking is when a company registers a domain name that has no actual website on the domain name but the company sees value in owning the domain. This maybe done to reserve the domain name for future business development, protection against domain squatting, internationalization of domain names or in many cases companies see the value in having keyword rich domain names.

Parking Domains for keyword rich domain names:

As an example you might reserve the name:

  • www.accountantbrisbane.com.au
  • www.cheapaccountantbrisbane.com.au
  • www.afforableaccountingbrisbane.com.au

But the actual business is called XYZ accountants and the real domain is www.xyzaccounting.com.au

In each of these cases if you type any of the four website addresses into the URL you’ll be taken to the main website www.xyzaccounting.com.au

Parked domains for Business expansion & Intellectual Property Protection:

Businesses may have a 5-year plan of breaking into the UK and US market so reserve various domain names prior to launching there.

As an example you might reserve the names:

  • www.myawesomestartup.com.au
  • www.myawesomestartup.com
  • www.myawesomestartup.uk
  • www.myawesomestartup.net.au

In this way cyber squatter’s can’t steal your domain name when they here you have plans to crack the overseas market. If you wanted some more information about domain squatting read our previous article on the topic.

As a web designer I always recommend to clients to reserve both the com.au (Australia) and the .com (International) just in case someone else tries to steal your businesses thunder. And at under $15 p/year it’s the cheapest Intellectual Property protection you can get.

Why not register your domain name extensions today…

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